Farmer's Day

Become a farmer for the day! Children aged 8 to 14 can help the Longdown team run the Farm for a day. Under the watchful eyes of our qualified staff, young farmers will enjoy a good day's work and lots of fun! This might include tasks such as cleaning out the pigsties, grooming ponies or mixing goat feed. In fact, doing whatever a real farmer has to do.

Farmer's Days must be booked well in advance as they are very popular. They are available to children aged between 8 and 14 years. We regret that because of our insurance cover we cannot take children under 8 years.

Suitable protective clothing and footwear must be worn. Expect clothes (and child) to get dirty!

The cost is the same as last year at £50.00 per child.

At the end of the day each child is presented with a certificate of merit - assuming they have earned it by working very hard!