Ducks for Sale


Cherry Valley & Khaki Campbell Ducks and ducklings for Sale - all Females

Point of Lay (16 weeks plus) ducks for sale @ £18.00 each. (135 in stock)

23 x Cherry Valley young ducks (hatched 01/02/2017) @ £12.50 each

We no longer sell younger ducklings requiring heat.

Please bring along a strong cardboard box/pet carrier to transport your ducks in.
The Farm Shop is open daily from 10am to 5pm.

(Updated 21/04/2017

Our ducks are hand fed by visitors to our farm on a daily basis and are, therefore, used to human contact. Our ducks are wormed. Cherry Valley ducks available now. Our ducks come with care instructions or, if you prefer, these can be downloaded from our website.